Monday, July 5, 2010

Commit to loosing it!

I crack myself up!  Commit to loosing it?  As if...I need any help loosing it!  Well I do when it comes to weight.  I need to drop the 35 extra pounds that I am STILL lugging around with me.

I was doing really well until summer time hit.  I have literally had something going on every weekend since May.  The weekdays haven't been much better.  In all honesty I have just gotten lazy.  It is so much easier to eat junk!  

I am commiting to loosing it....the WEIGHT that is!  I am joining the girls over at the "How to" Homemaker blog

I am hoping that the added accountability helps!


  1. Hey Erin,
    I am soooooo proud of you. Your rock! Lets get that weight off and KEEP it off!
    Sending you some supportive hugs!

  2. Hi! Good luck! I committed myself too! LOL!

    I added myself to your followers list! Can't wait to see how we all do!

  3. Sounds like I need to be committed too!

    I am still carrying around excess baby weight from my last child, who is 3!

    Thanks for sharing the link. I am going to pop on over and check it out.

    Hope you lose it!