Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Confession challenge

Cathy Z challenged readers to write a list of confessions related to motherhood...

  • I always hated when my mom and my sister said I didn't really understand, because I didn't have kids...but it is true.
  • I can't imagine my life without my boys.
  • My biggest fear is loosing one or both of my boys.  
  • I love baking cupcakes with Josh, even though it makes a huge mess in the kitchen.
  • Watching my boys build a bond as brothers makes me sad for the fact that my sister and I didn't like each other growing up...and blessed to have her as my best friend now.
  • I love my time alone...and DON'T feel guilty about it!
  • When my sons learn something new I am so proud, each thing makes me want to do the happy dance!
  • I will never understand how my kids got so smart, seriously Josh is crazy smart!
  • I wish I was better at making healthy meals, saying no to poor food choices and building life long exercise habits for my kids.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

Well Andrew was happy with his first Easter. Tons of attention, snuggles all day and no shortage of activities or people to watch. Josh loves any day that includes presents and candy!

My trip to the Dollar Tree for home decor items the other day totally paid off. I ended up buying a Cars jump rope and some Diego bubbles as well as baskets, eggs and some picture frames that all went into the boys Easter baskets. The jump rope and bubbles where the biggest hits of the day. Aunt Sarah scored big with Toy Story dvd. G-ma made good with a Cars sticker book and some HUGE M&M's. Maw-Maw was cool with a set of four Cars and big boy underwear (THomas the Train) which Amber actually got him to WEAR!!! Josh was so excited...he peed in his pants! LMAO! Oh well it is a start, and I got some super cute pictures. All in all it was a crazy and fun day enjoyed by all!