Saturday, February 27, 2010

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Friday, February 26, 2010

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

still alive..

Ok so I just heard the song by Kenny Chesney & Dave Mattews Band "still alive" thought I would say that I am still alive. Totally love this song by the way...of course who doesn't love Kenny and Dave? Which reminds me Mom called to tell me that Jimmy Buffet is coming back to town....Parrothead in the house...we are so going.  I told my mom that I am buying her ticket if she can't afford it.  Mom, Sarah and I had the BEST time together last time.  I think this time we should go about noon and just hang out and drink and be silly...guess we will see...might have to see who else wants to go... not sure that Mom and Dad will want to be there at noon!

The boys are feeling much better.  Andrew is teething so he is fussier than normal, but overall much better.  Thank you GOD!

The snow is melting...kind of is still freezing outside, but atleast some of the slush and slop is gone.  I really need spring! 

I finished my intro, rules and layout for my circle journal.  Of course I didn't finish it until the last minute so I forgot to take pictures before I swapped...oh well!  I decided I would organize my scrap crap...uhhh not that you can really tell right now.  It sort of looks like a bomb went off in my basement.  Josh keeps coming down here telling me I suppose to be cleaning up my junk.   Yeah well it isn't that easy.  I have been throwing stuff into piles for months now, so it is purge and rearrange time.  I have actually made some real progress in the last few hours.  I decided to stop and take a break to check my email and stuff...I am actually ready to get back to work...who knew????  I guess a week of sitting on my butt with my kids crying and whining has actually been good for me. 

Went back to work today for the first time in a week and a half...yep it still sucks!  LOL.  I can't beilieve how crazy it gets sometimes.  The whole group of girls is in an uproar because we are so short staffed...still more people working than when I started...and we actually do less!  I really do love my job, but it is most definatly cRaZy!  I discharged 3 pateints before lunch today...GO ME!  Ofcourse someone will be pissed cause I missed something or forgot to tell them something, but so goes life with hospice! 

Well my scrap crap is calling my name....welll not really, but I really want to scrap so I better find my table...and my trimmer!  Who knows maybe I will even take some pictures..and figure out how to post them! 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Being a mom is totally stressful!!!

So being a mom is the best thing EVER. But sometimes it can be super stressful. Thursday night Andrew seemed unusually fussy. I say unusually because, well isn't really ever fussy. By Friday morning I had like zero sleep, Andrew was a total crab and Josh was ready to go to Sarah's house. Ummmm...well Mommy is tired, Andrew is working on getting sick and Sarah doesn't want us around if we have cooties. Josh was understandably mad. Luckly it is really easy to distract a 2 year old...want some fruit snacks? Want to to watch 10 episodes of really annoying kid tv? OK!

By 7 pm Friday night Jason went to Walmart to get a thermometer...Andrew's temp was 102.9....UMMMM, yeah I am calling the doctor....yes I am a horrible mother. THere are literally 7 thermometers in the house and NONE of them worked...good job nurse, MOM!

Off to St John's Mercy Medical Center in St favorite place to go on my day off! The pediatric ER was actually pretty quite. We drove through what looked like a blizzard to get there...Yes he has a tempature, yes we tortured him by sucking snot out of his nose for a RSV and influenza culture. Made you hold your beautiful baby boy to a table while shooting a chest x-ray and then made you sit in a little room for 2 hours...but hey we did tell you that your baby has a fever and probably some type of virus, no we aren't going to do anything for it...Thanks for spending your Friday night with us. Come back if your baby stays sick....I love the medical system in this country!