Monday, February 8, 2010

Being a mom is totally stressful!!!

So being a mom is the best thing EVER. But sometimes it can be super stressful. Thursday night Andrew seemed unusually fussy. I say unusually because, well isn't really ever fussy. By Friday morning I had like zero sleep, Andrew was a total crab and Josh was ready to go to Sarah's house. Ummmm...well Mommy is tired, Andrew is working on getting sick and Sarah doesn't want us around if we have cooties. Josh was understandably mad. Luckly it is really easy to distract a 2 year old...want some fruit snacks? Want to to watch 10 episodes of really annoying kid tv? OK!

By 7 pm Friday night Jason went to Walmart to get a thermometer...Andrew's temp was 102.9....UMMMM, yeah I am calling the doctor....yes I am a horrible mother. THere are literally 7 thermometers in the house and NONE of them worked...good job nurse, MOM!

Off to St John's Mercy Medical Center in St favorite place to go on my day off! The pediatric ER was actually pretty quite. We drove through what looked like a blizzard to get there...Yes he has a tempature, yes we tortured him by sucking snot out of his nose for a RSV and influenza culture. Made you hold your beautiful baby boy to a table while shooting a chest x-ray and then made you sit in a little room for 2 hours...but hey we did tell you that your baby has a fever and probably some type of virus, no we aren't going to do anything for it...Thanks for spending your Friday night with us. Come back if your baby stays sick....I love the medical system in this country!

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  1. I'm so glad you have a blog now! You are not a bad mom, and we too have about 7 thermometers that don't work...i just pray my kids never get sick! Life is stressful and being a mom is stressful. Hang in there, that is what I keep telling myself!