Tuesday, June 22, 2010

10 tasks in 10 days challenge!

Ten tasks to complete in 10 DAYS!!!

  1. Paint shelf for Josh's room
  2. inspiration cork/magnet board
  3. Josh art board
  4. prep 365 
  5. clean up craft area
  6. embellish t-shirts
  7. family name sign
  8. photo jars/cans
  9. photo collage for living room
  10. burlap sign for wedding gift


  1. Oh man, I love a good list! I'm glad you swung by, us list people need to stick together, even if it's prompted by a challenge. ;o)
    P.s. I never...and I mean NEVER leave my camera in the car anymore after I missed the opportunity to take a picture of a bathroom at a rest-stop in Oklahoma 5 years back that had purple glitter puff paint in the place of caulking....it went nicely with the plum walls. ;o) You just can't buy memories like that!

  2. Good luck completing your challenge items! It seems like it will be fun.