Monday, July 19, 2010

The things they say

Until the last few days the only thing Andrew really said was Da, Da, Da and Haa.  Today he said Baa Ba (like bye bye).  I almost cried...they grow up too fast!

Sarah inherited a six month old pit bull from her ex.  His name is Chico and he is the SWEETEST dog ever.  Josh says his name...Teeco.  

While watching Chugginton (a Disney show about trains) they talked about nurses and what they do to help sick people.  I told Josh, "I am a nurse."

Josh said "No your not.  You are Mommy!"  I tried to explain that when I went to work it was to help sick people and that I was a nurse...."no, you are just a mommy."  

Almost anyone else in the world telling me I am "just a mommy" would get a lecture...Josh got a hug.  I told him he was cute....he said, "I know I am funny and smart too!"

I love being a mom....nothing else is even close to being as great!

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  1. Aren't they sweet. My kids said something similar when they were little as my background too is an RN. I long for those youthful precious days.